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Boarstone Publishing
Music Inspired by
Orkney's People & Places

by Hilary de Vries
From slow waltzes to tunes with lively rhythms, music about mermaids, otters, and more, this book brings them together to share some of the magic that is Orkney.
Our Latest Music Book
An Orkney Sampler
'There are some great wee tunes in this book'
Ivan Drever, musician & singer/songwriter
Other Titles
A Song Among the Stones
Franco & Grubber & the Pearls of Nebulus
The Barley Skimmers

Books by Hilary de Vries, Bill Taylor, Kenneth Steven, Kerri Anderson...
Boarstone Publishing is a small independant publishing business based in the north of Scotland. It specialises in producing books of original Scottish sheet music, as well as publishing the fantasy fiction of Kerri Anderson.

Musicians appreciate the clear, easy to read sheet music and attractive layout, as well as the beautiful music, which receives many glowing compliments from both performers and audiences.

The logo is taken from a Pictish carving of a boar, several of which can be found in Scotland.